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Scar Removal

Laser Fractional skin Resurfacing

Scars can be distressing, affecting both the texture and appearance of the skin. At Novoskin, we offer advanced technology for scar treatment. Our Laser Fractional Er-Yag 2940nm utilizes a precise method of removing skin layers by targeting selected dots or fractions on the affected area. This process stimulates collagen production, leading to the reorganization of collagen fibers and elastin. By replacing old and damaged cells with new and healthy ones, our innovative technology enables quick, effective, and safe results.

Our revolutionary Er:YAG laser performs a micro epidermal peel, which triggers a thermo-mechanical reaction to eliminate problematic areas such as hypertrophic scars, surgical scars, acne scars, and contracture scars. The newly generated layer of skin exhibits an improved texture, reduced or eliminated scarring and spots, and an overall revitalized complexion.

Fractiona laser skin resurfacing

Brazilian Scar Camouflage

Embrace Confidence, Embrace Renewal

NovoSkin Cosmetic Clinic is proud to offer Brazilian Scar Camouflage, a specialized paramedical tattoo service designed to restore confidence and renew the beauty of your skin. Our expert paramedical tattoo artists employ advanced techniques to skillfully conceal scars, stretch marks, and imperfections, providing a natural, seamless blend with your skin tone.

Key Features of Brazilian Scar Camouflage:

  1. Customized Solutions: Our talented paramedical tattoo artists work closely with each client, developing personalized solutions to address individual needs. We aim to conceal scars and imperfections, creating a natural appearance that harmonizes with your skin.

  2. Scar Concealment Expertise: Whether it’s post-surgery scars, stretch marks, or other skin irregularities, our artists specialize in expertly concealing these imperfections using precise tattooing techniques.

  3. Natural Skin Tone Matching: The tattoo pigment is meticulously matched to your unique skin tone, ensuring a seamless blend that harmonizes with your natural complexion.

  4. Non-Invasive Approach: Brazilian Scar Camouflage is a non-invasive method, offering an alternative to surgical procedures and allowing for a more comfortable and less disruptive experience.

  5. Long-lasting Results: The results of Brazilian Scar Camouflage are long-lasting, providing an enduring solution that helps restore your skin’s natural appearance.

Experience Renewed Confidence

At NovoSkin Cosmetic Clinic, we understand the impact skin imperfections can have on your self-esteem. Our Brazilian Scar Camouflage services are designed to empower you, renewing your confidence by concealing scars and imperfections with precision and artistry.

For more information about our Brazilian Scar Camouflage Paramedical Tattoo Services and to schedule a consultation, contact NovoSkin Cosmetic Clinic. Take the first step towards renewed skin confidence today.

Results: Before & After

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