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Glass Facial

What is a glass facial?

Our signature glass facial start with a quick assessment of your skin to determine the best products to use according to your skin needs

Right after your facial will begin with double

cleanse making your feel relaxed.

Second step will be ozone steamer for about

5-10 min to open pores and prep skin for extractions

Extractions will be performed with a special

tool to get rid of impurities, clogged pores, blackheads and whiteheads. Specially on the nose and T zone where there is more impurities accumulated.

Exfoliation; will be performed with microdermabrasion        or hydrabrasion according to your skin needs. On this step we’ll get rid of dead skin, debris, clogged pores, and also will stimulate blood flow on the skin.

Deep hydration mask/jelly mask will be applied on next step to nourish and hydrate. All of this masks contain high concentration of hyaluronic acid which has the ability to retain 1000 times its molecular weight in water. As a result skin will be deeply hydrated.

Last step will be under the dome. Receiving a high concentration of oxygen, to regenerate and reactivate cells.

A regular facial must include double cleanse, ozone steamer, extractions, exfoliation and hydration but our glass facial goes above and beyond adding A PREMIUM ANTI-AGING technique

using highly concentrated oxygen and anion, the

O2toDerm device reduces reactive oxygen species (ROS),

regenerates broken cells, increases serums absorption rate to the skin, boosts immunity, kills bacteria,

improves troubling skin problems, and rejuvenates

tired skin.

Results: Before & After

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