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Body Contouring

Achieve a tighter, firmer body with non-invasive technology that successfully burns fat

Body contouring and skin tightening have gained immense popularity due to their safe and effective methods of tightening the skin and eliminating stubborn fat. Even with a healthy workout routine and diet, certain areas may still retain fat pockets. Fortunately, with Health Canada-approved RF technology, you can achieve your desired body goals without any downtime.

One of the reasons body contouring is widely embraced is its non-invasive nature, delivering remarkable clinical results. Often referred to as a “lunch-time procedure,” it is completely pain-free and akin to a gentle massage. The technology behind it operates by heating and destroying fat cells, which are then naturally eliminated through the body’s lymphatic system.

Med-aesthetic systems are making significant strides in helping individuals reduce the appearance of cellulite, a common condition affecting approximately 1 in 3 people. SharpLight’s treatments utilize Radio Frequency (RF) and Selective Electro Heating technologies to combat this condition, characterized by fat deposits under the skin’s surface that cause a dimpled appearance, commonly found in the thighs, buttocks, arms, and abdomen.

These advanced technologies work by elevating the temperature of fat cells in specific areas, leading to the release and destruction of fat cells (lypolitic effect), as well as stimulating collagen production in the dermis, thereby restoring the skin’s elasticity. Bipolar Radio Frequency enhances local blood and lymphatic circulation, promotes the breakdown of fibrous tissue, and facilitates the drainage of localized fatty deposits and cellulite cells.

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